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So… finally after 5 tries I got the name of this blog. First I was thinking about something related to one of my favorite songs, or at least one that has marked one of the best times of my life. However since this is going to be my 6th,7th attempt to have a blog and keep it updated, I decided to actually talk about everything that I see and learn as i go through with this.

What better way to start a blog, with a name that describes the Jester. Are any of you interested in tarot cards or any sort of divination? well I am… not only cause of the magical side of it… I actually dont believe in magic, but I do believe that somehow energy impulses us and our actions just as tarot cards are nothing more than the representation of every single phase that we have to go though and experience as humans sooner or later.

I will talk more about this in another time, but right now I would like to just say that the Jester or The Fool is the card that represents the going into an unknown direction, letting of of the current attachments and just jumping towards the cliff, with the faith that everything will be just fine…no matter the outcome.

So here I go as  I attempt to talk about my everyday ramblings… jumping into the unknown and hoping someone out there gets the message. This is me, this is the fool… this is the hat that the jester has… 🙂

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A Jester’s Hat

When I was younger my favorite book of all time has been Alice in Wonderland. However it was just recently that I discovered the reason why I like this book so much; there is only one life to live and living it by standard rules is so boring... The Fool or known also as The Jester challenges us to take that step into the cliff just to see what happens, dares us to take that small change in our lives just to break the rules and release ourselves from the monotony of our everyday lives. So this is is the hat of the jester's blog, where not even me knows what will come out of it. :) Enjoy.

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